The Ebb and Flow of Life

Posted on 05/02/2012


When you’re younger you spend a good chunk of time thinking about the future.  You expect great things and amazing accomplishments possibly followed by a little recognition and a nice paycheck. You start making mental notes of the amazing places you want to travel to and see and you picture your dream job helping you get there.  Eventually you buy a house with some property and cultivate a family.  Then you buy a sports car or motorcycle and wonder what to add next to your list of accomplishments.


When your career is not inspiring, when your family is predictable and always in your face, when your cars are breaking down, when the economy sucks and you wonder if owning a home is worth anything anymore, when your government is a joke and entertainers are calling themselves politicians, when your 401k no longer really exists and retirement looks impossible, when the weather in Seattle rains nonstop for years at a time, when your own parents or relatives depend on you for some of their income and your kids are always going to the doctor, when your life is just a generality and you’re wondering what the hell it’s all about….

Why not pour yourself a bourbon on the rocks and plan to make some changes.

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